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Child Licensing - Help

We frequently get parts for children on all sorts of TV programmes, Adverts and films. For all children under 16 they MUST be licensed by their education authority before they can do the part - no licence = NO PART. So because of the length of the time taken to process a licence application by local authorities at busy times we encourage all our students to obtain and fill in the appropriate licence forms for their education area, obtain passport photo's and a doctors fit for filming letter before they get a part that way the paper work is ready to be sent straight away to the local authority thus speeding the process up.

In almost all cases we will provide the student with the PART I from the production company. All the student needs to do is to remove PART I from their local education authority licence paper work and substitute the PART I from the production company and then send it off to their local authority with parts II and III completed, passport photos, copy of birth certificate and a doctors note to say they are fit for filming.

HOW to get Licensed

PART I (From The Film Production Company) - we will give/email you this. DO NOT USE PART I from your authority licence form - USE THE ONE WE OR THE PRODUCTION COMPANY PROVIDE!

ONLY COMPLETE - PART II & III from your education authorities licence form (completed and filled in by you and the school)

Enclose passport photo's, copy of birth certificate and Doctors letter stating fit for filming. WARNING! Doctors letters are incredibly hard to get at short notice - consider getting one in advance. Do not forget to renew every six months

  2. Send or take personally to your education authority 
  3. When you get the licence back YOU MUST TELL US! 


Links to obtain Child Licence Forms (you may need to scroll down to find the link)

You may need Adobe - Reader in order to view the forms and you can download it from HERE


North Yorkshire - Child Licence Form

Leeds - Child License Form

Wakefield - Child License Form

Kirklees - Child License Form

York - Child License Form


Licensing for CHILDREN help is available HERE

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