NFD training actors in Leeds since 1994 including, Amy Walsh in Girls aloud, Colson Smith in Coronation Street, Sam Jackson in Skins, Jessica Barden in Far from the madding crowd,
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Real World Film & TV Adults & Children Acting Classes, Individual Acting training, Audition technique, Acting to Camera and much more...Tel 01977 681949




"The very best training you can ever have for Film and TV is to act in front of the camera on set and that is exactly what we do! Others promise but we deliver 100% time and time again!"

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Film and TV Acting Classes in Leeds, South Milford & Castleford on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings,

"Celebrating 21 years 1994 - 2015"

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This is exactly what we are all about!









Our aim is to get students on camera and being an actor from day one!

To be successful in Film and TV you need the real on set location experience with a professional experienced crew and industry filming equipment which is almost impossible to get unless you actually get a part. So very much a catch 22 situation for aspiring actors. We solve that very difficult problem by consistently delivering that real on set location experience as the core part of our training. We do this by regularly producing award winning films with a professional crew and equipment for students to develop those much needed key skills. We add to this yet further as NFD is also a production company in its own right with many years of production experience.

Our equipment is broadcast standard cameras recording to disk recorders at very high bit rates exactly the same as any commercial film so no small domestic and inferior cameras such as low budget DSLR's; its the real thing! We also shoot in 3D to add an extra dimension on the films we produce.

Our aim is to have students in real acting situations in a real studio from day one!

Adult acting classes

We have our own purpose built STUDIO with green screen, 3D and other up to date film and TV technical facilities specifically designed for training actors which we believe is one of only a very few outside of London. We use and train with the very latest technology from green screen work to being in 3D and animated productions to ensure all our students have an experience far superior to almost any other organisation in the UK. We welcome adults and children of all abilities, confidence levels, ages and backgrounds. From those who wish to actively pursue an acting career to those who just wish to enrich their lives with something enjoyable and challenging to do.

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Our own feature film JAILHOUSE DOG (3D) released May 1st 2014 to huge acclaim with over 12,750 full plays end to end of the 1 hour film and nearly 29,450 hits in just one month!

The film "Beyond the SPITFIRE" a period drama by our young children has recently been released to very positive comments.



We also have our own very successful Film and TV acting agency which our students are invited to join once they become established and prove themselves and or successfully complete our adult Intermediate course.

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  "NFD Always going that extra mile!"  
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